The Homeowners Association is happy to announce the implementation of the Summerwind QuickPass Online System.  If you have an Internet-capable computer, you can log in and manage visitors and codes remotely.

Summerwind QuickPass is easy to use and will make the gate our forefront for security to our subdivision.  Linking into a high-security site, Summerwind QuickPass provides the gate with more accurate information, which can be instantly updated, allowing gate access to be quicker and more efficient.

Summerwind QuickPass lets YOU manage and instantly update your information, including:

  • Unique codes for visitors and residents to use.
  • Current residents in your home.
  • A permanent admin list.
  • Daily visitors, over-night guests and special events.

To access QuickPass go to https://quickpass.us and use your Login and Password provided by the Homeowners Association.  The passwords are case sensitive but the logins are not.

We hope you will log on soon, review your existing information and make any necessary changes.  If you do not know your login information, please use the FEEDBACK form above to request it.

If you need assistance or do not have a computer, please use the FEEDBACK form above or call us at (210) 593-8308 to review and update your information.



Access Control is an important part of security in The Villas of Babcock (Summerwind).  Your efforts will make Summerwind a more secure place to live.

Addressing the items below will help reduce any gate entry issues.

  • Enter a first and last name for all guests.  Don’t enter titles nicknames or middle names.
  • “One Time” vs. “Temporary” Guests
    • If you are only expecting a guest to enter ONCE and not return after their visit / business is concluded then you may enter them as a one-time entry.  Their names will drop off the list after they are admitted.  If they have to leave and return for any reason you will need to assign them in again because their name will no longer be on your list.
    • If you add a temporary guest, you are granting them access throughout the day until midnight.  Their names will no longer be on the list at 12:01 AM.
  • If you input a guest with a duration of 2 weeks, and they need to be here longer then please extend the duration into QuickPass.  If not, when they show up 2 weeks and 1 day they will not be able to enter.
  • Please enter guests ahead of time so your guests are not waiting at the gate.
  • If you own multiple properties please ensure your guests and vendors know THE ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT THEM and make sure to enter them in QuickPass under that address.

Visitors piggy-backing at the entrance and/or entering thru the exit gate will be prosecuted for damages, so plan ahead!