September 12, 2022 7:00pm

(central time)

Via Zoom

San Antonio, TX 78240


  • Officers Reports
    • Approval of pervious meeting minutes
  • Old Business
    • Set to official record all email business
  • New Business
  • Member
  • Open Forum
  • Adjourn

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Meeting ID: 533 128 2215

Passcode: 5rGQDo

Well….let me tell you…

So at the last board of directors meeting so much was discussed. It took like 3 hours!!! :O Wow so exciting!!! Anyways they did talk about the light pole on Mclennan Oak that should be fixed soon, the cameras at the park, fixing the exit gate as it was stuck open over and over and over until they finally figured it out, the wall at the park that was struck down, street repair quotes, SOPs, website spam, election of ACC members, update to the Internet at the gate just to name a few. Now you can see it takes a lot to keep the community going and the board members give up their personal free time to serve the community. We should all do our part to help by picking up trash when we see it and keeping our own home tidy and clean. I’m so excited about this year this board seems to really be on top of things! 😀